Dino's 2 For 1 Pizza Serving Barrie, Ontario and Area

Dino's 2 For 1 Pizza Serving Barrie, Ontario and Area


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Pick Up

Split the minimal cost and enjoy pizza with friends!
from $16.99

Walk-In Special

Surprise your friends and tastebuds with our walk-in special
from $23.99

Sizzling Winter Pizza Special

Enjoy our Sizzling Winter Pizza Special from Dino's 2 for 1 Pizza in Barrie!
from $22.99

Dino's Party 4x4

Bring some taste to your party and enjoy our 4x4 pizza.
from $35.99

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Satisfy your cravings and get our Chicken Parmesan Pizza!
from $27.99

Dino's Panzerotti

2 Panzerotti
from $24.99

Pizza and Pasta Combo

Combine pasta and pizza in one delicious meal for a great price!
from $25.99

Dino's Classic Deals

Spend time with good people enjoying good food!

Dino's Friendly Deal

Have a fun night with friends with Dino's Friendly Deal!
from $23.99

Dino's 2222 Deal

Treat yourself to some of the best pizza in town!
from $21.99

Dino's Mega Deals

Get a whole meal for the group that everyone will love!
from $40.99

Pizza and Salad combo

Satisfy your tastebuds and get your needed vegitables in one meal!
from $24.99

3 on 3

Get enough pizza for the group that will be too good to have any left over!
from $45.99

Combo #17

Split the pizza with friends or enjoy on your own with our great pizza combo!

Combo #18

Have pizza delivered right to your doorstep or enjoy it on your lunch hour at Dino's 2-for-1 Pizza in Barrie, Ontario

Garlic Bread

from $2.99

Caesar Salad

from $3.99

Greek Salad

from $4.99

Dino's Nachos

Spice up your day with large or medium nachos from Dino's 2-for-1 pizza in Barrie, Ontario!
from $18.99
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